To deal with


So far : until now

be taken into consideration

In contrast

take place : mettre en oeuvre

different amount of resources and different prices.

Once the database has reached the maximum number of active connections, it will no longer accept new connections.

First, inconsistencies may arise in the new FM which has to be checked prior to be used as the DSPL architectural FM

DSPL designers should decide what degree of automation they need in order to support the runtime concerns of the DSPL in

There are potentially many types of decentralized control patterns, two of which are described, ring and serial patterns

queue up : faire la queue

it is going quiescent.

deploy the new actual components ACj1 ; … ;ACjm in place of ACi1 ; … ;ACin

A  remove  command  is  used  to  remove  each component  that  will  no  longer be part  of  the  new configuration.


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